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What's it like to work here?

We’ve built a business that puts people first. We’re progressive and ambitious, challenging established norms – and we offer you an environment where you can make your mark.

We’re looking for open-minded, highly skilled team players who embrace our culture and approach. We value curiosity and a desire to challenge the status quo. We give capable, confident professionals the opportunity to shine.

We are united in a common goal to grow, but we are also diverse and inclusive, and everyone in the team is vital to our success.

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The asb experience


Ara Makinde Conveyancing Assistant

What’s your story?
I started in Floor Support with Intelligent Office, asb’s contracted services provider, but I had always wanted to get into legal work. This became a reality when I was offered a role assisting with residential and commercial property in August 2017.

What’s it like working at asb law?
I have grown a lot in such a short space of time. It’s an encouraging and challenging environment – I’m constantly given new tasks that I haven’t done before, which I’m really enjoying. From the start, I could see how each lawyer worked and loved how approachable they are, always encouraging me to be ambitious and do better. Initially, I wanted to become a paralegal in commercial property, but I could also see my current role in the plot sales team developing into something I might want to remain with, so I’m enjoying seeing how that develops right now.

Why would you recommend asb law as a place to work?
It’s exciting – there’s always something to do and you’re always busy. For me, I really like the approach of working from the bottom up so you know the business inside and out. If you’re new to the business or young, it gives you a better understanding of how everything works. It’s been inspiring to me how approachable and encouraging everyone is to make that happen.




Andrew FrakePartner, Dispute Resolution

What’s your story?
In the early part of my career I worked as a criminal defence lawyer, spending my time representing private clients in police stations and Magistrates Courts throughout the South East.

I joined asb in 2008 as a solicitor in its insolvency team working on claims brought by the Secretary of State under the Company Directors Disqualifications Act. After about a year I was given the opportunity to join the dispute resolution team focussing on general commercial litigation for corporate clients. I was quickly given the opportunity to manage client relationships and, in May 2018, I became a partner. 

What’s it like working at asb law?
It’s full of great opportunities. Take BT for example – I had the opportunity to take part in the tender process and help the firm win one of its biggest clients. As a result, not only did asb manage to secure a place on BT’s panel, I was given the opportunity to join the BT Legal Team on secondment for a period of 11 months. This was a great learning curve for me and gave me the chance to work on some high profile matters including the investigation into the BT Italia accounting scandal. I am now the Client Partner for BT with the responsibility for managing that relationship.

Innovative, supportive and positive – about sums it up.

Why would you recommend asb law as a place to work?
asb has become an increasingly innovative firm. It looks for lawyers who have an open mind and are willing to do things in a different way. That approach has grabbed the attention of several large corporate businesses looking for new choices in how they buy legal services. We not only provide a fresh alternative to traditional London centric law firms, we also collaborate with those firm, legal process outsourcers and technology providers to design services which are smarter, more efficient and cost effective. It’s an exciting time.


Bonita BackhouseLegal Director, Property

What’s your story?

I’m a lawyer but I don’t have a traditional legal background. As well as working for City firms in the UK as a fee-earner, I have also worked overseas in both a management and a personal support lawyer role. The latter is more of a technical legal job where I handle all those tricky bits of law that no one else has the time or energy to look at and then teach my team as well. When I came to asb law I had a brief to ‘sort out’ my department – so it was more about the challenge than a specific role.


What’s it like working at asb law?

It’s challenging but in an environment where you’re not constrained to doing things the way they’ve always been done. There’s more room for free thinking, experimenting with ideas and the flexibility to adopt a more pioneering approach. There are two aspects to my work –day-to-day managing my team, but also the trickier part, looking to the horizon and thinking about how we future-proof ourselves, how we engage differently with our clients and understand their pressures and motivations. The team are more like property professionals than property lawyers.


Why would you recommend asb law as a place to work?

If you’re someone with the energy and drive to forge your own path, this is the perfect environment. You’re not constrained by a specific job title. asb has a more far-sighted recruitment outlook. The aim is to recruit  people that fit with our approach and then develop their strengths and skills to see how they best benefit the business.




We’re committed to recruiting the best professionals through our Preferred Supplier List (PSL).
If you’re not on this PSL, please don’t send us speculative CVs or unsolicited introductions to new candidates, as we won’t be able to review or accept them no matter how impressive they are. Please, don’t contact our hiring managers directly.


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Solicitor, 4-6 years PQE This is the second line of text.

Location: Maidstone

Department: Commercial Property

Solicitor, 5-7 years PQE

Location: Crawley

Department: Employment

Senior Tax Planner

Location: Crawley

Department: Tax, Trust & Probate

Solicitor - NQ-4 years PQE

Location: Maidstone

Department: Commercial property

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Championing a better way of practising law is at the heart of what we do. We have a clear strategy that focuses on growth and evolution to strengthen our position as a pioneering firm that makes legal services work for our clients.

We encourage a culture that questions and challenges traditional processes to inspire best practice.

We will recognise and reward you for building collaborative relationships, operating transparently, adopting a supportive attitude and delivering the right outcome.

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Challenge convention and make a difference.
Other professionals

We are committed to delivering a higher standard of service and bespoke solutions. We work in a multi-skilled environment and our people have varying expertise and different industry backgrounds.


We attract and nurture specialists in business management, administrative support, finance, HR, risk and compliance, information solutions, marketing and business development.


Together with your experience and skills, energy and enthusiasm and readiness to embrace our fresh approach will make you the perfect fit.


Work as a team to deliver better legal services.

We work collaboratively across different teams and disciplines to provide a service that goes far beyond legal.

We strive to give our clients a complete solution and so regularly work with external consultants, third parties and experts across many fields to solve specific problems and deliver a seamless service.

If you do consultative work and are interested in collaborating with us then we’d like to hear from you.


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